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Braganizer is a versatile storage solution for your bras and panties, intimate accessories, and more...

Eco-Friendly - Constructed of clear plastic for easy viewing of contents - find what you're looking for instantly.

Stackable - These clever boxes conform to the shape of the bra, to preserve the cup shape and stack nested into one another, either upright or flat, saving space in a dresser drawer, closet, or wherever.

Multi-Use - Keep your bra accessories, such as straps and clips in a separate box or with your bra and panty set.  Store your bikinis, bra pads, bra gels, nipple bras, hosiery, and your sexy items - Whatever Works!   Ideal for water bras.

Portable - Convenient for before and after use during travel.  Just toss in your bag and you're all set to Go!

The Original PATENTED Bra & Panty Organizer!
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Water bras and bra gels can easily rupture - store & keep safely tucked away from damage to other items.
Keep matching bra & panty set together, plus enough room to place a sachet of your favorite fragrance, all in one.
Save space in a dresser drawer, closet, or wherever you keep your intimates.
Stack Nested
Upright or Flat
Ideal for
Water Bras & Bra Gels
Flirt with
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